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SurveyLot - How Paid Surveys Work - Easy as 1-2-3

Join SurveyLot for free and start earning cash and prizes with paid surveys! You just need to follow a few easy steps:

 Step 1.  Join for free to access free-to-join survey panels that are currently recruiting

Just fill out your Search Profile and Prefeneces and you'll get free access to We recommend that you opt in to receive survey invitations via email, so you can get invited to join private panels that are only available through email invitation and get informed when new survey panels get launched or 'full' panels start recruiting again. SurveyLot won't share your email or send you any spam, and you can opt out of receiving SurveyLot survey invitations at any time by simply clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email or from the "unsubscribe" link on our website.

 Step 2.  Register with market research companies (survey panels) to start getting their paid surveys

Once you join, based on your search profile and preferences, you will be presented with a list of market research companies that are currently recruiting consumers matching your demographics who are willing to take part in paid surveys, focus groups, product test panels, and other opportunities. Some research panels are open for anyone to join and may recruit throughout the year. Other survey panels may "specialize" or based on their clients' needs at the time recruit only a strictly limited group of consumers at a given time (i.e. age teenagers, retirees, residents of a given state, women with children, etc). Furthermore, some market research companies may use only private recruitment (through links placed on a partner site, email invitations, or through referrals from existing panel members). Not all market research companies are the same. Some companies may have many surveys available, some may have more of the higher paid surveys, some have surveys that are known to be most fun, and others may have some additional cool rewards for their members. The best strategy would be to register with at least a few companies (it's free), test how you like their surveys, etc and decide which ones you want to stick with. There are no obligations and you can cancel your membership at any time.

 Step 3.  Take paid surveys, participate in focus groups and product test panels to earn cash, rewards and free products

The market research companies (panels) you registered with will match your demographics (profile data) to the market research studies that they are currently conducting and will provide you with surveys to complete. Some panels may list the available surveys when you log in to your account, others may send you an invitation for each survey via email. Each survey invitation will state the rewards offered for completing the survey. Many companies pay panel participants anywhere from a few dollars per survey up to a couple hundred dollars to participate in a focus group panel. Depending on the time and effort you invest, you could earn pretty good money just for being yourself. Most surveys that you will receive would probably be in the $2 to $10 range and will take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete. If you have specialized skills or have knowledge of a given industry, you may be invited to complete "specialist" surveys paying up to $50. There are also surveys that offer you a chance to win a large sum of money or other rewards by entering you in sweepstakes. There are also surveys that may offer no rewards at all such as "screener" surveys where you provide information to build up your profile based on which you would be qualified to take part in more specialized surveys. You will be informed what rewards are offered for any survey in the survey invitation or on the website before you start the survey. You can pick and choose the surveys you take. There is absolutely no obligation to take any of the surveys you don't like and you can unsubscribe at any time, should you choose so. Many market research companies also conduct small moderated panels called focus groups where members are asked to share their opinions and discuss a given topic.  Focus groups could be even more appealing to join with compensation ranging from $40 to $200 plus for a couple hours of participation . However most of the time they are invitation-only and reserved for active survey panel members. There are online focus groups but traditionally participants are invited to a focus group facility at nearby their location.

 Step 4.  Cash in the rewards you earned

Most survey panels pay panelists by check or by PayPal. There are still some that offer only gift cards or points redeemable for products from their rewards catalogs. Some companies send you a payment automatically after you complete a survey, but most will allow you to request a payment only after you take a few surveys and reach their redemption minimum.

Still reading? Just join our survey panel now and start earning cash in minutes!

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